NBA Playoffs

Draymond Green Didn't Want Tristan Thompson To Be Suspended For Game 2
The NBA was considering a suspension for Tristan Thompson until they interviewed Draymond Green.
PER Leader In Each NBA Finals Since 1991
Kevin Durant has won MVP and led The Finals in PER in each of the past two seasons.
Warriors Win 2018 NBA Finals
Kevin Durant was named MVP of The Finals for the second straight season.
ABC Earning Approximately $50M In Revenue For Each Finals Game
An ad spot for Game 3 is averaging $634,627 per unit.
Cavs To Give Minutes To Rodney Hood In Game 3
Rodney Hood has fallen out of the Cavaliers' rotation during the playoffs.
LeBron James PER In Finals By Year
LeBron James has generally been incrementally better in The Finals as his career has progressed, beginning in 2007 at the age of 22.
NBA Finals Parity Through The Decades (Infographic)
The league has always uniquely titled towards superstars as well as an infrequency for upsets due to the seven-game series format.
NBA Finals Snapshot (June 3): Warriors/Cavaliers
On the Warriors taking a 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers.
Tristan Thompson Fined $25,000, Flagrant 2 Downgraded
Tristan Thompson has been fined for failing to leave the court in a timely manner following his ejection and for shoving the basketball in the face of Draymond Green.
Ratings For Game 1 Of NBA Finals Down Slightly From 2017
The Game 1 rating is down just six percent from the all-time Game 1 high of the 2016 opener.

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2018 NBA Playoffs Bracket

Opening Round
E1 Toronto Raptors 4
E8 Washington Wizards 2
E4 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E5 Indiana Pacers 3
E3 Philadelphia Sixers 4
E6 Miami Heat 1
E2 Boston Celtics 4
E7 Milwaukee Bucks 3
W1 Houston Rockets 4
W8 Minnesota Timberwolves 1
W4 Oklahoma City Thunder 2
W5 Utah Jazz 4
W3 Portland Trail Blazers 0
W6 New Orleans Pelicans 4
W2 Golden State Warriors 4
W7 San Antonio Spurs 1
Conference Semi-Finals
E1 Toronto Raptors 0
E4 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
E2 Boston Celtics 4
E3 Philadelphia Sixers 1
W1 Houston Rockets 4
W5 Utah Jazz 1
W2 Golden State Warriors 4
W6 New Orleans Pelicans 1
Conference Finals
E2 Boston Celtics 3
E4 Cleveland Cavaliers 4
W1 Houston Rockets 3
W2 Golden State Warriors 4
NBA Finals
W2 Golden State Warriors 4
E4 Cleveland Cavaliers 0

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NBA Playoffs Leaders

LeBron James 34.00 Points

Anthony Davis 13.44 Rebounds

Rajon Rondo 12.22 Assists

Anthony Davis 2.33 Blocks

Victor Oladipo 2.43 Steals

LeBron James 33.25 PER

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Top Performers for Jun. 08, 2018

Stephen Curry 37 Points

Kevin Durant 12 Rebounds

Kevin Durant 10 Assists

Stephen Curry 3 Blocks

Stephen Curry 3 Steals

Stephen Curry 25.5 Efficiency

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NBA Playoffs Standings

NBA Champion
#2 Golden State Warriors

NBA Finals
#2 Golden State 4-0 #4 Cleveland

Conference Finals
#2 Boston 3-4 #4 Cleveland
#1 Houston 3-4 #2 Golden State

Conference Semi Finals
#1 Toronto 0-4 #4 Cleveland
#2 Boston 4-1 #3 Philadelphia
#1 Houston 4-1 #5 Utah
#2 Golden State 4-1 #6 New Orleans

Opening Round
#1 Toronto 4-2 #8 Washington
#2 Boston 4-3 #7 Milwaukee
#3 Philadelphia 4-1 #6 Miami
#4 Cleveland 4-3 #5 Indiana
#1 Houston 4-1 #8 Minnesota
#2 Golden State 4-1 #7 San Antonio
#3 Portland 0-4 #6 New Orleans
#4 Oklahoma City 2-4 #5 Utah

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