How to use Moshi Monsters Codes?

Moshi Monsters is an amazing game. It is such an addicting game that no matter what age you are, it will hook you up for some time for sure! Although Moshi Monsters is a free game to play but there are certain thing inside the game that you can purchase. Since the game is so fun and exciting, the creators thought to launch some of their own merchandise. The good part about buying these merchandise is that you get Moshi Monsters Codes in them. These Moshi Monsters Codes can then be redeemed inside the game for various items such as Moshlings, Rox etc.

If you have a Moshi Monsters Codes and don’t know how to sue it then don’t worry as today in this post we will be telling you how to use your Moshi Monsters Codes. Earlier, entering these codes in the game were a hectic job as the player got the option to enter these codes only once while logging in, if someone was interested to enter another code then he had to log out of the game and then again login to get the code screen


Thankfully, the makers resolved this issue and have now made a new place to enter Moshi Monsters Secret Codes! This new screen is called as the Iggy Screen and one can enter the Secret Codes there.Going to the Iggy screen is a pretty easy job but still if you are not able to find it then don’t worry, just follow the steps that are mentioned below and in no time you will get to know how to use Moshi Monsters Codes.

  • Open Moshi Monsters
  • Click on Log In
  • Log In with your username and password
  • After logging In, you will see a button at the bottom of the screen saying “Got A Secret Code”
  • Click on it, after clicking on that button the website will take you to the Iggy Screen.
  • Now click on Enter code and then enter your Moshi Monsters Secret Code
  • After entering the code, click on Eat it.

That’s it! That’s what all you had to do to use your Secret Moshi Monsters codes in the game. If you have any problem then do let us know in the comments section below!

Moshi Monsters Codes: New Codes for Moshi Monsters 2016 [UPDATED]

If you are one of those guys who has been tirelessly looking for Moshi Monsters Codes for the whole day but still hasn’t found anything useful or working then don’t worry as we have got your back today. Here at our blog we worked hard to find all the working codes for Moshi Monsters. The codes that you find here are all working but if some code somehow doesn’t works then do let us know about it in the comments section below and we will make sure that we replace it with a working moshi monster code or we remove that particular.

Moshi Monsters is undoubtedly one of the  best games that one can find for their children. The game was launched few years ago and has been on the top charts no matter what. If you are a child who’s between the age of 8-15 or you are a parent and are having children in the same age group then this is the best game that you can play as of now.


Moshi Monsters comes with an option to allow the user to enter various codes which in turn can be redeemed for various things such as lifetime membership, free Rox (the in-game currency), Moshlings (The pets in the game) etc. So if any of the Moshi Monsters players have these codes then he automatically becomes superior than those who don’t have. Also with so many of freebies I don’t think anyone should stop themselves from using Moshi Monster Code.

How to use Moshi Monsters Codes easily?

Using Moshi Monsters Code is an easy task but if you aren’t able to figure it out then don’t worry as we will tell you how to use them. First of all, you need to sign in to Moshi Monsters Website with the account you want to use the codes in. Once you do that, you need to press the button on the bottom which says Enter Secret Codes. Once you press the button, you will see the text field where you can enter the codes. Now you can use the codes for moshi monster which are provided below by us and enter it into the secret code text field.

Moshi Monsters Codes: Updated Codes for 2016 December

There are tons of different codes for Moshi Monster. These Moshi Monsters codes range from codes for Rox, to Codes for Moshlings in Moshi Monsters. The codes that are provided below are the latest codes and are 100% working. If you find a code that’s not working then please let us know about it and we will remove it from this page.

GREENS Broccoli
LUMPY Sour Milk
OOHSKY Beanstalk Wallpaper
VROOMS Rydell’s Scooter
BITSMELLY Giant’s T-Shirt Framed
BEANSTALK260 Beanstalk Slide
ROARS Roarberry Cheesecake
SILLY Silly Chili
GROSS Sludge Fudge
25068520984 300 Rox
PANDA 300 Rox
MOOSE 300 Rox
MMMYSTERY212 300 Rox
LAVA2038 250 Rox
FLUTTERY44 250 Rox
GLAMROX8 250 Rox
CUTEY765 250 Rox
DROOL1968 250 Rox
CLAWS928 250 Rox
BRAINY101 200 Rox
ROX4U 200 Rox

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